How To Keep Your Dog Looking Its Best – Dog Grooming Advice From Chevromist

Dog Grooming Advice From ChevromistOne of the most important factors that prospective dog owners typically miss out on when choosing which breed to buy from Chevromist and bring home is the dog’s grooming requirements. For the most part, many families consider a breed’s temperament and sociability, only to discover to their surprise that dogs of such a breed require an immense investment in time, money and effort when it comes to grooming.

Just like their personalities, dogs have different grooming requirements. Some breeds fare well with just a monthly bath and regular nail clipping while some require frequent haircuts. But whatever your dog’s breed is, here are a few basic tips from Chevromist Kennels that will allow your dog to look its best and stay healthy.

Hair brushing
The benefit of regular hair brushing is two-fold: First, you prevent your pet’s coat from matting, and second, you reinforce your bond with the pet. Additionally, hair brushing can help minimise shedding and hair build-up. How often you should brush your pet’s hair will depend greatly on the length of its hair. Long-haired breeds should be brushed daily. Pets with medium-length hair can be brushed weekly while their shorter-haired counterparts can do with a monthly hair brushing.

Nail trimming
When your pet’s nails grow too long, these may break. Apart from being painful, this can lead to infections. The problem here is that most dogs do not want their paws to be held. Also, when a pet owner or groomer fails to clip the dog’s nails properly or they’re clipped too short, that can lead to a traumatic, painful experience for the pet. With nail trimming, you should enlist the aid of a groomer or vet to teach you how to properly clip your dog’s nails. Also, exercise due caution so that you won’t hurt your dog. Trimming is usually done on a monthly basis.

Bathing is another doggie grooming basic that many pets and owners seem to have an aversion to. However, if you learn how to properly bathe your pet, the experience can be beneficial for the both of you. Dogs should be bathed about once a month, although you can also bathe your pet once a week without risking any illness. Make sure to use products especially formulated for dogs. If your dog is suffering from any skin condition, consult your vet about the suitable bath products to use.

Ear care
Dogs with long ears are particularly susceptible to ear infections, due to a large part to their long hanging ears providing a warm and protected environment for nasties to live in. Knowing how to clean your pet’s ears using simple cleaners will allow it to avoid ear infections.

Breeds like Labradoodles and Shih Tzus have hair that continuously grows. In order to prevent their hair from being troublesome, they should get their haircuts every six to eight weeks. For this, you’ll need the expertise of a grooming expert, although some owners learn how to clip their pet’s hair on their own.

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